Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ananian Board Passers

Congratulations to the following Ananians for passing the recent board exams:

1. Michael L. Futalan
2. Wilfredo D. Daza
3. Marie Angeline N. Umali
4. Karla Marie M. Roldan

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

The faithful celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, 9 months before the nativity of Mary which is celebrated on September 8. But the Liturgical celebration for the feast was held today, December 9, because December 8 fell on a Sunday (2nd Sunday of Advent). As defined in the Catholic Doctrine, "Mary was preserved exempt from all stain (macula) of original sin at the first moment of her animation, and sanctifying grace was given to her before sin could have taken effect in her soul."

December 8 also marks the Cityhood of Taguig.

The Canonically Crowned Immaculate Conception of Pasig

Immaculate Conception, Manila Cathedral

"Oh Mary, conceived without sin,
Pray for us who have recourse to Thee."

Viva La Immaculada Concepcion!

Wikipedia (1, 2)
The Catholic Encyclopedia

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Solemnity of Christ the King

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe, the last Sunday of the Catholic Liturgical Year. Next week, the ultimate Christmas countdown begins.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Pope Pius XI instituted the Feast of Christ the King in 1925, in response to growing nationalism and secularism. In Pope John XXIII's 1960 revision of the Calendar, the date and title remained the same and, in the new simpler ranking of feasts, it was classified as a feast of the first class.

In his 1969 motu proprio Mysterii Paschalis, Pope Paul VI gave the celebration a new title: "D. N. Iesu Christi universorum Regis" (Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe). He also gave it a new date: the last Sunday in the liturgical year, before a new year begins with the First Sunday in Advent, the earliest date for which is 27 November. Through this choice of date "the eschatological importance of this Sunday is made clearer". He assigned to it the highest rank, that of "Solemnity".

Source: Wikipedia

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Mrs. Montevirgen!

Happy birthday to our ever dearest Principal, Mrs. Lennie A. Montevirgen, as she celebrates her birthday today, Nov. 13. May God continue to shower you his abundant blessings and may you have more birthdays to come. God bless you Ma'am!

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

October in Pictures

Here are some of the activities for the month of October.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Teachers' Day!

The teachers were in for a simple treat as CDSA prepared a special program for them. Selected students gave their teachers a relaxing massage while they watched a movie at the AVR. Afterwards, they proceeded to the gym for a special presentation prepared by the students and organized by CDSA's school Principal, Mrs. Lennie A. Montevirgen. Flowers and gifts were given at the end of the program.

Happy Teachers' Day Ma'am and Sir!

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Grade 3 First Communion 2013

Today is a very special day for the Grade 3 pupils of Colegio de Santa Ana. They received Jesus Christ in their very first Holy Communion. The Holy Mass was celebrated by CDSA's school Director, Rev. Fr. Amando Litana.

Congratulations Grade 3 pupils!

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Monday, September 30, 2013

September in Photos

Here are some of the activities for the month of September.

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CDSA conquers APSA-TAPAT Athletic Meet 2013

Congratulations to our varsity players who won in the recently concluded APSA-TAPAT Athletic Meet 2013!

See the list of winners after the jump.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara's Pastoral Visit to CDSA

His Excellency the Most Reverend Bishop Mylo Hubert C. Vergara of the Diocese of Pasig made his Pastoral Visit to CDSA last September 20, 2013. He made a tour around the campus and had a talk with the Student Board, Parents Council, the teachers and staff. The Bishop has a big plan for the PaDSS (Pasig Diocesan School System) schools wherein CDSA is a member. Bishop Mylo is also CDSA's Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Thank you Bishop for visiting our school!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CDSA celebrates Fr. Mandy's 25 Sacerdotal Anniversary

The Colegio de Santa Ana community showed their love and happiness to Rev. Fr. Amando Litana, the school's Director, as he celebrates his Silver Anniversary of Priesthood today. Various presentations showcasing the talents of selected CDSA students were presented to Fr. Mandy's delight.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Fr. Mandy's 25th Sacerdotal Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass

A Thanksgiving mass was celebrated for the 25th Sacerdotal Anniversary of our dear director Rev. Fr. Amando N. Litana. Joining the celebration are priests from the Diocese of Pasig as well as Fr. Mandy's classmates in the seminary. Most Reverend Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara also joined the celebration and gave his message for Fr. Mandy. Guests from various parishes and schools which he has served were also present.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Diocese of Pasig celebrates 10th year

The Diocese of Pasig celebrated its 10th year last August 26, 2013. The celebration was originally scheduled on August 21, but was moved due to bad weather.

Colegio de Santa Ana teachers and staff joined in the celebration. The con-celebrated mass was led by His Excellency Most Reverend Bishop Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, D.D.. The first Bishop of the Diocese of Pasig, Bishop-Emeritus Francisco C. San Diego, D.D. also joined in the celebration of the mass.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Parents Recollection

CDSA invited Mr. Erickson Javier to give a recollection for the parents. Mr. Javier is an alumni of CDSA, then known as Sta. Ana Parochial School. He is currently working at Pasig Catholic College.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

First Wednesday Mass

Colegio de Santa Ana, with Christian Living as its core of the curriculum, celebrated the First Wednesday Mass last July 3. It was the first time for CDSA, with First Friday masses already being celebrated since the institution's founding. First Wednesday masses will be attended by the Elementary pupils, while the First Friday masses will be attended by the High School students.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Opening of Classes Schedule (June 10 and 11)

Please be guided on the following schedules for the opening of classes on June 10 and 11:

June 10 

NURSERY - 1:30 - 3:00 PM 
KINDER - 7:15 - 9:30 AM 
GRADES 1 - 3 - 7:15 - 11:00 AM 
GRADES 4 - 6 - 7:15 - 11:30 AM 

June 11 

GRADE 7 and 8 - 7:15 - 11:30 AM 
3rd Yr. and 4th Yr. - 7:15 - 12:00 NN

June 12 - National Holiday (Araw ng Kalayaan)

June 13 - Regular Classes (schedule to be announced by the adviser)

See you next week!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

23rd High School Commencement Exercises

Congratulations to the Graduates of the High School Level for school year 2012-2013! This year's Valedictorian is Addie Mhay I. Guban.

View the list of awardees after the jump.


St. Thomas the Apostle


Agustin, Gabriel Duane T.
Austria, Nathaniel Miguel S.
Bautista, Merlin Jr. A.
Bautista, Ross Carlos G.
Cuaresma, Nehro Sandrick P.
Domingo, Joselito L.
Espiritu, Lantis M.
Famini, John Christian E.
Felipe, Jim Carlo S.
Flores, John Dominic A.
Ibañez, Gabriel M.
Latosa, Jowil C.
Lontoco, Fitz Gerald A.
Martinez 1st,  Allan Oliver C.
Natividad, Mark Immanuel B.
Reyes, Renz Carlo P.
Tatsuno, Yuuji N.


Adan, Pamela M.
Bagtas, Princess Hannah S.
Buenaventura, Monica B.
Corpuz, Alayne Monique U.
Del Rosario, Judy Anne D.
Escoto, Zeth C.
Espiritu, Dianne A.
Espiritu, Janina Crysia L.
Guban, Addie Mhay I.
Gutierrez, Mikaela Gared Rose B.
Imperial, Mary Majella E.
Laluces, Finina Ysabel C.
Linan, Vivien Rocel T.
Meredor, Veryl P.
Pabiona, Ricabelle C.
Penetrante, Gem-Anne O.
Rosario, Ma. Jenina B.
San Pedro, Maria Analyn M.
Tablante, Karen Anne P.
Umali, Martha Anna Remedios N.
Villafania, Alyzza Veronica R.

Sts. Peter and Paul


Billien, Jobeth P.
Castaloni, Renz Francis C.
Cruz, Emanuelle Sebastien M.
Cuevas, Patrick V.
Dela Hostria, Sabian John Navajo G.
Ibañez, Jerome M.
Jardin, John Patrick V.
Lazo, Voltaire I.
Lim, Raphael Sebastian C.
Manes, James Patrick B.
Mirabel, Ivan Carl C.
Pastor, Daryl Hendrick M.
Sarmiento, Clark Christopher
Sarmiento, Lorenz Jei D.
Springael, Froilan James T.


Abad, Aina Gene C.
Babon, Ariana Ariel
Cabarles, Samantha Danielle L.
Ching, Catherine V.
Delos Santos, Mizelyn Ann G.
Enriquez, Cyrille L
Esber, Janessa Polly J.
Evangelista, Ma. Janela Jopheza C.
Gregorio, Ericka Niña D.
Legarteja, Lyn Aurora M.
Magabo, Bea C.
Nanale, Abigaile P.
Ocampo, Mary Grace L.
Okol, Ana Trisha S.
Pelegrino, Vince Louise B.
Rodriguez, Hailey Rose M.
Samonte, Erylle Louie J.
Santos, Coleen Joselle B.
Santos, Irene A.
Tabuzo, Isabelle P.
Velasco, Anna Zyrah G.

St. James


Almoite, Karl Phillip P.
Apolonio, Ferdinand Jr. E.
Borja, Amiel Mari T.
Buenaflor, John Paul M.
Ceñir, Rence Andrew C.
De Ocampo Jr. , Carlito  P.
Del Rosario, Glenn C.
Isidro, Joseph Christian O.
Laya, Rico Alfredo C.
Mendoza, Joshua Miguel A.
Osorio, Bill Gabriel C.
Pablo, Giorgio T.
Pagkalinawan, Joshua C.
Pascua, Carlo Rey M.
Perez, Ferdinand M.
Sta. Ana, Norman Paulo I.
Villongco, Matthew E.


Aguinaldo, Mariah Del Mar R.
Araña, Patricia Beatriz V.
Arriola, Julienne Patricia B.
Borja, Eunicia Eden A.
Cortiñas, Gayle Betrish J.
Cruz, Rockee P.
Dela Cruz, Diane Marie E.
Encarnacion, Danielle Anne B.
Estacio, Ma. Perpetua N.
Franco, Emmerie Samantha V.
Gerio, Jayreen L.
Linan, Pauline Bernadette P.
Martinez, Loreine Nicole Anne H.
Olais, Anne Pamela S.
Pelaez, Khatrina Rose C.
Romano, Kimberly R.
Sabhnani, Katrina Rafaella M.
Sabio, Alexandria  Mae C.
Santos, Joanna S.
Tan, Joana Angelie S.
Vergara, Riena Ruth


      Valedictorian                         Addie Mhay I. Guban   
     Salutatorian                           Martha Anna Remedios N. Umali   
     First Honorable Mention      Gem-Anne O. Penetrante


4th Honors –  Alyzza Veronica R. Villafania
5th Honors –  Merlin Jr. A. Bautista
6th Honors –  Princess Hannah S. Bagtas
7th Honors –  Finina Ysabel C. Laluces
8th Honors –  Joanna S. Santos
9th Honors –  Allan Oliver S. Martinez 1st
10th Honors  –  Ricabelle C. Pabiona


Best in C.L.                      Addie Mhay I. Guban   
Best in Conduct               Finina Ysabel C. Laluces
                                          Mary Grace L. Ocampo
                                          Joanna S. Santos
Best in Computer            Addie Mhay I. Guban   
Best in Oral Expression        Martha Anna Remedios N. Umali
Best in Creative Writing       Martha Anna Remedios N. Umali
Outstanding Performance in Arts
    Drawing/Sketching          Clark Christopher Sarmiento
    Performing Arts              Norman Paulo I. Sta. Ana
Outstanding Performance in Sports
    Volleyball          Norman Paulo I. Sta. Ana / Alexandria Mae C. Sabio
    Basketball         Gabriel Duane T. Agustin
    Badminton        Joseph Christian O. Isidro / Coleen Joselle B. Santos
Journalist of the Year                       Addie Mhay I. Guban
JP Laurel Leadership Award          Addie Mhay I. Guban
Mercury Drug Academic Recognition Award
    Excellence in Science                   Addie Mhay I. Guban
    Excellence in Math                       Martha Anna Remedios N. Umali


Student Coordinating Board    Martha Anna Remedios N. Umali
Agape n’ Emmanuel                Isabelle P. Tabuzo
Scienergetics                            Rockee P. Cruz   
Math Wizard                            Nehro Sandrick P. Cuaresma
Book Lovers                            Joanna S. Santos
English Language Society       Gem-Anne O. Penetrante
Social Builders                        Finina Ysabel C. Laluces
Ananian Gazette                      Addie Mhay I. Guban
Sports Club                             Carlito P. De Ocampo Jr.
IT Club                                    Bill Gabriel C. Osorio
Cultural Club                          Lyn Aurora M. Legarteja
CDSA Chorale                        Allan Oliver C. Martinez 1st
Filipino Club                           Eunicia Eden A. Borja
RCYC                                     Clark Christopher Sarmiento
Peer Counselors                     Alyzza Veronica R. Villafania
Hi-Y Club                                Aina Gene C. Abad
Young Homemakers               Ricabelle C. Pabiona

Active Senior Scouts
Merlin Jr. A. Bautista
Princess Hannah S. Bagtas
Mary Majella E. Imperial
Mark Immanuel B. Natividad
Isabelle P. Tabuzo

Mass Service Award

Princess Hannah S. Bagtas
Finina Ysabel C. Laluces
Katrina Rafaella M. Sabhnani
Monica B. Buenaventura
Gem-Anne O. Penetrante
Isabelle P. Tabuzo
Addie Mhay I. Guban
Martha Anna Remedios N. Umali


St. James   

Ferdinand E. Apolonio Jr.       
Khatrina Rose C. Pelaez
Bill Gabriel C. Osorio           
Katrina Rafaella M. Sabhnani
Mariah Del Mar R. Aguinaldo       
Joanna S. Santos   

St. Thomas the Apostle   

Merlin Jr. A. Bautista
Joselito L. Domingo
John Christian E. Famini
John Dominic A. Flores       
Gabriel M. Ibañez
Allan Oliver C. Martinez 1st
Mark Immanuel B. Natividad
Pamela M. Adan
Princess Hannah S. Bagtas
Monica B. Buenaventura
Addie Mhay I. Guban
Mary Majella E. Imperial
Finina Ysabel C. Laluces
Ricabelle C. Pabiona
Alyssa Veronica R. Villafania

Sts. Peter and Paul   

Jerome M. Ibañez
James Patrick B. Manes
Daryll Hendrick M. Pastor
Lorenz Lei D. Sarmiento
Aina Gene C. Abad
Samantha Danielle L. Cabarles
Mary Grace L. Ocampo
Vince Louise B. Pelegrino
Coleen Joselle B. Santos
Anna Zyrah G. Velasco

Parents Loyalty Award

Mr. & Mrs. Apollo  Corpuz
Mr. & Mrs. Rodolfo Espiritu
Mr. & Mrs. Merlin Bautista
Mr. & Mrs. Laurencio  Adan
Mr. & Mrs. Elviro Pelegrino
Mr. & Mrs. Melchor Cabarles
Mr. & Mrs. Angel Tan
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Rosario
Mrs. & Mrs. Alfredo Laya
Mr. & Mrs. Restituto Natividad
Mr. & Mrs. Jodencio Santos


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27th Elementary Commencement Exercises

Congratulations to the Graduates of the Elementary Level for school year 2012-2013! This year's First Honors is Kenneth Chratien T. Gonzales.

View the complete list of awardees after the jump.


Sts. Anne and Joachim 


Arbiol, Kristan Andrei I.
Borja, Ezekier Ian A.
Cabanillas, Cebastian N.
Cabrera, Jose Daniel E.
Catu, Hans Kenneth Q.
Cruz, Kiel Andrei B.
Dionisio, Janh Raizen M.
Dumagat, Aaron Jon D.
Duran, Jan Michael M.
Felipe, Jonas Luiz B.
Flores, Janzen A.
Gonzales, Kenneth Chratien T.
Manalastas, Diego C.
Marcelino, Paul Danielle R.
Marquez, Juan Paulo F.
Mercano, Selvin R.
Paguirigan, John Nicholas C.
Rayos, Daniel B.
Tadeo, Lorenz Christian E.
Tan, Clark John Robley M.
Tanyag, Aisean Lloid A.
Tapil, Kyle Jefferson E.
Teves, John Robert D.G.
Ungco, Andrew James T.


Arriola, Jaezelle B.
Blanco, Jan Marie P.
Caceres, Carla Erika M.
Carlos, Anne Bernnice R.
De Leon, Gheleena F.
Golena, Christianne Lei D.
Hufalar, Charie Gail S.
Ilac, Alexandra Marish P.
Javinal, Nicholle Cayhe P.
Lacuata, Lucille Anne L.
Leal, Allein Mae A.
Llabore, Allyza W.
Magrimbao, Jean Juliah
Martinez, Romelle Andrea H.
Pagkalinawan, Krishalyn T.
Pasicolan, Jan Febrianne A.
Peña, Hanz Nicolle
Sabio, Ysabella Mae C.
Santos, Kristine F.
Santos, Marielle Julianne C.
Talingdan, Frances Nicole C.
Umali, Marjorie Andrea Monique N.
Villongco, Alexis E.

St. John Mary Vianney 


Adawag, Sean Kobe
Balane, Andrei Dain C. Cristobal, Sherwin Michael M.
De Leon, Yuan Rafhael T.
De Maliwat, Gaddiel M.
Dela Cruz, John Gabriel E.
Dela Cruz, John Paul S.
Dulguime, Christian Drake A.
Espital, John Keith D.
Fortunato, Baron Allen S.
Gumalin, Daxjhed Louis V.
Hernandez, Reinel Angelo D.
Javier, Renzo William A.
Lacson, Joshua R.
Mañero, Carlos Miguel M.
Manzano, Jericho E.
Militante, Juan Miguel M.
Mina, Jomark D.
Narag, Gerard Juakin P.
Perez, Kendric Joshua C.
Rabasto, Paulo Romille C.
Ruiz, Elcid Paolo N.
Santos Jr., Efren C.
Selocia, Mark Andrei P.
Serra, Ignacio Jr. L.
Sulit, Allen Christian J.
Sumawang, David Rafael C.


Agripa, Noregil G.
Aquino, Gillian Claire G.
Beltran, Cindy O.
Castillo, Daphne Eunice L.
Castro, Junelle Gia V.
Cervantes, Bea Bianca M.
Dela Cruz, Allyssa Mae E.
Liwanag, Anne Gayle G.
Luna, Sophia Isabelle M.
Madridejo, Meg Brianne M.
Montas, Jouhanna Marie Y.
Nazario, Kathrina A.
Ongkingco, Lemuelle Marie M.
Porras, Reggie Anne Marie M.
Rañeses, Rani Janelle P.
Regilme, Tsedkenu Charlize Daneelle T.
Roda, Isabelle Lorraine D.
Sugay, Antoinette Kim Gerard B.
Sumalde, Bianca Marie F.
Tungpalan, Maryann Ghazel V.
Zapanta, Katrina Mae A.


First Honors        Kenneth Chratien T. Gonzales
Second Honors    Hanz Nicolle Peña
Third Honors      Selvin R. Mercano


Kathrina A. Nazario
Nicholle Cayhe P. Javinal
Marjorie Andrea Monique N. Umali
Lucille Anne L. Lacuata
Kendric Joshua C. Perez
Alexis E. Villongco
Jan Marie P. Blanco


Student Leader of the Year          Kathrina A. Nazario
Best in C.L.                                 Hanz Nicolle Peña
Best in Deportment                     Hanz Nicolle Peña
                                                    Kathrina A. Nazario
Best in Oral Expression              Kenneth Chratien T. Gonzales
Best in Creative Writing             Kenneth Chratien T. Gonzales
Best in Computer                        Hanz Nicolle Peña
Outstanding Performance in Arts
     Drawing/Sketching                Alexandra Marish P. Ilac
     Performing Art                       Joshua R. Lacson
Outstanding Performance in Sports
     Volleyball                               John Gabriel E. Dela Cruz
                                                     Jaezelle B. Arriola
     Basketball                               Andrei Dain C. Balane
     Badminton                              John Paul S. Dela Cruz
                                                     Marjorie Andrea Monique N. Umali


Most Punctual 
Hanz Nicolle Peña
Antoinette Kim Gerard B. Sugay

Daniel B. Rayos
Juan Miguel M. Militante

Neat and Orderly 
Marielle Julianne C. Santos
Bea Bianca M. Cervantes

Alexis E. Villongco
Andrei Dain C. Balane

Selvin R. Mercano
Lemuelle Marie M. Ongkingco

Nicholle Cayhe P. Javinal
Meg Brianne M. Madridejo

Hanz Nicolle Peña
Kathrina A. Nazario


Student Coordinating Board        Joshua R. Lacson
Agape n’ Emmanuel                    Kathrina A. Nazario
Scienergetics                               Jouhanna Marie Y. Montas
Math Wizard                                Diego C. Manalastas
English Language Society           Alexis E. Villongco
Filipino Club                                Janzen A. Flores
Book Lovers Club                        Jan Febrianne A. Pasicolan
Social Builders                             Frances Nicole C. Talingdan
Ananian Gazette                          Marjorie Andrea Monique N. Umali
Sports Club                                  Hans Kenneth Q. Catu
CDSA Chorale                             Nicholle Cayhe P. Javinal
Young Homemakers                    Reggie Anne Marie M. Porras
Cultural Club                               Jan Marie P. Blanco

Active Boy Scouts 

Kenneth Chratien T. Gonzales
Reinel Angelo D. Hernandez

Active Girl Scouts 

Jan Marie P. Blanco
Christianne Lei D. Golena
Alexandra Marish P. Ilac
Nicholle Cayhe P. Javinal
Lucille Anne L. Lacuata
Meg Brianne M. Madridejo
Jean Juliah Magrimbao
Kathrina A. Nazario
Lemuelle Marie M. Ongkingco
Hanz Nicolle Peña
Tsedkenu Charlize Daneelle T. Regilme
Isabelle Lorraine D. Roda
Antoinette Kim Gerard B. Sugay
Frances Nicole C. Talingdan
Maryann Ghaze V. Tungpalan
Marjorie Andrea Monique N. Umali
Alexis E. Villongco


Jan Marie P. Blanco
Jose Daniel E. Cabrera
Kenneth Chratien T. Gonzales
Selvin R. Mercano
Hanz Nicolle Peña
Daniel B. Rayos
Frances Nicole C. Talingdan
Andrew James T. Ungco
Alexis E. Villongco
Junelle Gia V. Castro
Reinel Angelo D. Hernandez
Joshua R. Lacson
Meg Brianne M. Madridejo
Jouhanna Marie Y. Montas
Gerard Juakin P. Narag
Katrina Mae A. Zapanta

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

33rd Kinder Recognition Day

Congratulations to the graduates of the Kinder level for school year 2012-2013! This year's First Outstanding Pupil is Raphael M. Narcise.

View the complete list of awardees after the jump.

Angel Raphael


Barbon, Jacob Shem S.
Collado, Christian John P.
Felimon, Ronin Michael J.
Ganotice, Ruselle Miro M.
Go, Elijah M.
Gonzaga, Hans Marthel Carlo L.
Mallari, Raphael Joshua R.
Matalog, James Harley N.
Narcise, Raphael M.
Patacsil, Rohnnel Simoune E.
Porras, Christian James M.
Ramirez, Brent Vincent D.
Villegas, Mart Luine G.


Alejandro, Alyssa Janine T.
Cabasal, Alnius Elija N.
Calumpiano, Kimberly Shane L.
Encanto, Eadian Lei R.
Mercado, Fionna Yzabelle M.
Onrubia, Samantha Scherrer E.
Paulo, Kirsten Louise J.
Peña, Riana Bea C.
Quintero, Elliemaries M.
Supangan, Katrice M.
Tuazon, Anne Margarette A.
Ungco, Angela Janine T.
Valenzuela, Niña Carmela M.

Angel Gabriel


Alvarez, Marc Adrian A.
Bagacina, Ralf Jan C.
Barba, Vaughn Louveine D.
Buan, Kalel Kirsten D.
Castaño, Miguel Yñigo A.
Dionisio, Earl Louie D.
Enriquez, Leigh Ignatius S.
Guno, James Brian C.
Ibañez, Dominic M.
Pelongco, Vince Carl L.
Shih, Adrian H.
Suzuki, Michael Lorenz R.
Villagonzalo, Eduardo Jr. C.


Amaro, Gwyneth Venice D.
Coquilla, Jenica Denise B.
Dionisio, Ione Reissa Franchesca L.
Fallaria, Grace Angel M.
Ibañez, Stephanie Angela G.
Jaen, Arzenith Florence H..
Juanico, Danielle Kathrice S.
Maloles, Precious Loriene F.
Morales, Danielle Anne Y.
Redoblado, Sophia Arianna B.
Toliba, Jan Venice Eliza M.
Zamudio, Jillian Frances P.
Zarate, Johnelie Nicole S.


1st – Raphael N. Narcise
2nd – Riana Bea C. Peña
3rd – Anne Margaret A. Tuazon
4th – Precious Lorien F. Maloles
5th – Adrian F. Shih
6th –Grace Angel M. Fallaria
7th – Kimberly Shane L. Calumpiano
8th –Eadian Lei R. Encanto
9th –Alyssa Janine T. Alejandro
10th–Samantha Scherrer E. Onrubia


Best in

 Christian Living             Raphael M. Narcise

            Writing                Raphael M. Narcise
                                                       Precious Loriene F. Maloles

            Oral Expression             Ronin Michael J. Felimon 
                               Art              Christian John P. Collado

                        Conduct                 Ruselle Miro M. Ganotice
                                                     Danielle Anne Y. Morales

Alyssa Janine T. Alejandro
James Harley N. Matalog
Alnius Elija N. Cabasal
Riana Bea C. Peña
Kimberly Shane L. Calumpiano
Angela Janine T. Ungco
Jenica Denise D. Coquilla
Jillian Frances P. Zamudio
Precious Loriene F. Maloles

Most Punctual
Riana Bea C. Peña
Precious Loriene F. Maloles
Most Cooperative
Anne Margarette A. Tuazon
Michael Lorenz C. Suzuki
Most Polite
Kirsten Louise J. Paulo
Grace Angel M. Fallaria
Most Neat and Orderly
Fiona Yzabelle M. Mercado
Sophia Arianna B. Redoblado
Most Industrious
Samantha Scherrer E. Onrubia
Stephanie Angela G. Ibañez
Most Diligent
Raphael M. Narcise
Grace Angel M. Fallaria



1st – Yuna P. Hayamizu
2nd – Maria Aila Ysabelle V. An
3rd – Mitchell Lorenz R. Suzuki
4th – Lois Rhiann Dionela
5th – Sam Raven Jay Q. Molina
6th – Kurt Chrysler G. Tee
7th – Maria Sofia P. Collado
8th – Lea Antonette G. Ilagan
9th – Cherady M. Payos
10th – Denica Lian Y. Villamosa


Best in:

              Christian Living        Yuna P. Hayamizu
             Oral Expression        Mitchell Lorenz R. Suzuki
                                Art           Sofia Pauline E. Macafe
                       Conduct           Lois Rhiann Dionela
                                                Christian Matthew V. Alvia
                       Writing            Mary Antoinette C. Lacsina
                                                Yuna P. Hayamizu

Kurt Chrysler G. Tee
Andres Santino C. Balane


Most Punctual
Ma. Sofia P. Collado
Lea Antonette G. Ilagan
Most Cooperative
Ma. Aila Ysabelle V. An
Denica Lian Y. Villamosa
Most Polite
Julia Charlize C. Centino
Stella Julia P. Santillan
Most Neat and Orderly
Claire Margarette S. Canares
Vanieshka Victorienne M. Velasco
Most Industrious
Sofia Pauline E. Macafe
Joaquin Enrico A. Reyes
Most Diligent
Mitchell Lorenz R. Suzuki
Yuna P. Hayamizu

Most Obedient
Gabriel A. Roldan
Lea Antonette G. Ilagan


First – Maegan Angel S. Weir
Second – Joachim Vincent D. Garcia
Third – Benjo D. Bedania

Best in:

Christian Living - Maegan Angel S. Weir
Art - Maegan Angel S. Weir
Writing - Maegan Angel S. Weir
Conduct - Maegan Angel S. Weir
Oral Expression - Joachim Vincent D. Garcia

PERFECT ATTENDANCE - Sophia Pauline E. Macafe


Most Punctual - Joachim Vincent D. Garcia
Most Cooperative - Mark Adrian F. Marquez
Most Neat and Orderly - Joachim Vincent D. Garcia
Most Polite - Mark Adrian F. Marquez
Most Industrious - Joseph M. Go
Most Diligent - Miguel O. Santos
Most Obedient -  Maegan Angel S. Weir


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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Indakan at Awitan sa CDSA - Alay kay Poong Ana

A Showcase of Talents!

Watch as selected CDSA students and staff sing and dance the night away in honor of patroness St. Anne.

Sayawan... Kantahan...
"Indakan at Awitan sa CDSA - Alay kay Poong Ana" 
on February 8, 2013, Friday, 6:00p.m., at the St. Anne Parish Patio.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Today, January 1, the octave day of Christmas, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God.

The divine and virginal motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a singular salvific event: for Our Lady it was the foretaste and cause of her extraordinary glory; for us it is a source of grace and salvation because "through her we have received the Author of life" *

Please find the time to join in the celebration of the Holy Mass.

Happy Holidays Ananians!

* Vatican Documents "Directory on Popular Piety and Guidelines"

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