Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CDSA@32 Highlights: CDSA Club Teen Idol

While the Elementary pupils had their Fashion Show, the High School Department had their male pageant with representatives from the various clubs. "Club Teen Idol" proved that our High Schools boys not only have good looks, but also talent and intelligence to boot.

A pre-pageant was held at the CDSA AVR with the contestants showcasing their talents. Neilbert R. Lacson won the title for Best in Talent.

The main show was held at the CDSA Gymnasium last February 17, with the following winners:

Third Runner-up: Jigs Cruz of The Ananian Gazette
Second Runner-up: Neggie Sam Ray Cuaresma of Peer Counselors Club
First Runner-up: Paulo Gomez of Student Coordinating Board
Champion: Neilbert R. Lacson of Math Wizard Club

Neilbert R. Lacson, CDSA Club Teen Idol Champion and Best in Talent

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