Monday, March 19, 2012

CDSA@32 Highlights: CDSA Academic Olympics

CDSA maintains its high standards when it comes to academics. CDSA held an Academic Olympics (Quiz Bee) last February 16 as part of the school's 32nd Founding Anniversary. It is part of CDSA's holistic approach in student development.

The competition is grouped into two categories: the First Category for the Elementary level (Grade 4 to 6) and the Second Category for the High School.

First Category winners: Diego Manalastas, Jazffer Flores and Jealine Gorre, with Mrs. Criselda Cruz, Mrs. Jane Toliba, Mrs. Carina Penetrante and Mrs. Ofelia Lacson.

Second Category winners: Neggie Sam Ray Quaresma, Chelsea Sumulong, Rico Laya and Meredith Chelsea Cruz with Mrs. Mariza IbaƱez, Mrs. Cristina Dionisio, Ms. Maybelle Villar, Mrs. Criselda Cruz and Mrs. Ofelia Lacson.

Thanks to Addie Mhay Guban of Ananian Gazette for the list of winners.

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