Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CDSA Eagle Scouts Awarding Ceremonies

CDSA molds its students to be God-fearing and responsible Filipino citizens. One way to inculcate their love for our country is by encouraging them to join the Scouting activities. CDSA is proud of its Senior Scouts for receiving the highest rank in Scouting, the Eagle Scout. Not only that, our Senior Scout girls are the first in Taguig to receive this highest rank.

Our Senior Scouts received their Eagle Scout badge during the Court of Honor ceremonies. All of these was made possible through the untiring support of Scoutmaster Andie Realo.

Nerlin A. Bautista

Erin Bridget A. Clemente

Daisy Marie S. Galdo

Ysabelle P. Tabuzo

Neilbert R. Lacson

Andrelle Chums C. Lim

Mark Immanuel B. Natividad

Blaise Antoine C. Roxas

Robin Dave P. Tabuzo

Congratulations Eagle Scouts! We are proud of you!

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