Saturday, February 12, 2011

Juniors and Seniors Prom 2011

The Juniors and Seniors Prom Night is an annual activity of CDSA for the 3rd Year and 4th Year students. In this very memorable event, the Seniors dance with the Juniors as they hand over the responsibilities of service to the school and being role models to the younger generation of Ananians.

Titles were given to students who stood out from the rest:

Best Male and Female Junior Performers
Lambert Po
Aina Legarteja

Best Male and Female Senior Performers
Jacob Dominic I. Juta
Charlene Versoza

Mr. and Ms. Junior
Neilbert R. Lacson
Erin Bridget Clemente

Mr. and Ms. Senior
Israel P. Tabuzo
Charlene Versoza

Mr. and Ms. JS 2011
Ken Zherwin Rogando
Margaret Antoniella Umali

It was a night of dance, sumptuous meals, camaraderie and bonding. Truly, one of the most memorable event a high school student will ever experience that will forever be cherished.

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