Thursday, February 24, 2011

CDSA @ 31 Highlights - Ginoo at Binibini ng Kalikasan

This year's main event was the search for the Ginoo at Binibini ng Kalikasan 2011, a campaign to raise consciousness in reusing, reducing and recycling our garbage. Proof that there is money in trash, this campaign generated enough funds for drinking fountains, audio equipments and a photocopying machine for the benefit of the students.

Check out the winners after the jump.

Category 1: Munting Prinsipe at Prinsesa ng Kalikasan 2011
Munting Prinsipe ng Kalikasan - Dwayne Sebastian E. Fontanilla
Munting Prinsesa ng Kalikasan - Michaella Francheska A. Cuyos

Munting Prinsipe ng Kapayapaan - Antonio Luis E. Limgenc
Munting Prinsesa ng Kapayapaan - Aura Sherynna B. Rodriguez

Munting Prinsipe ng Kaayusan - Jose Emmanuel B. Magtajas
Munting Prinsesa ng Kaayusan - Laika B. Basallo

Munting Prinsipe ng Kalinisan - Lloyd Darren D. Sarmiento
Munting Prinsesa ng Kalinisan - Nica Mariden D. Topinio

Category 2: Munting Ginoo at Binibini ng Kalikasan 2011
Munting Ginoo ng Kalikasan - Justin Matthew R. Espiritu
Munting Binibini ng Kalikasan - Marjorie Andrea Monique N. Umali

Munting Ginoo ng Kapayapaan - Diego C. Manalastas
Munting Binibini ng Kapayapaan - Marjorie Andrea Monique N. Umali

Munting Ginoo ng Kaayusan - John Keith D. Espital
Munting Binibini ng Kaayusan - Rochelle C. Mejia

Munting Ginoo ng Kalinisan - Juan Paolo B. Santiago
Munting Binibini ng Kalinisan - Kathleen Mae P. Punzalan

Category 3: Ginoo at Binibini ng Kalikasan 2011
Ginoo ng Kalikasan - Lorenzo N. Quizon
Binibini ng Kalikasan - Joan B. Delos Santos

Ginoo ng Kapayapaan - John Christian E. Famini
Binibini ng Kapayapaan - Danielle Anne B. Encarnacion

Ginoo ng Kaayusan - Ayn-Ran Daniele A. Aquino
Binibini ng Kaayusan - Lolette Julienne N. Aviles

Ginoo ng Kalinisan - Jason Clark T. Springael
Binibini ng Kalinisan - Christina Michelle C. Staggs

Congratulations winners!

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