Friday, July 9, 2010

Clinic and Guidance Offices

The Guidance and Counseling Office, together with the Medical Department, belongs to the Student Services group of CDSA. Departments such as these cater to the various needs of the students, particularly health and hygiene (Clinic) and career and counseling services (Guidance Office). It is for these reasons that the two offices were given their much deserving renovations.

The Clinic was partitioned for various services such as dental consultations, medical consultations, and a bed room.

The Medical personnel of CDSA are:
Mrs. Carolina San Pedro, RN
Dra. Yolanda Sandoval, MD
Dra. Arlene Herrera, DMD


The Guidance Counselors of CDSA are:
Ms. Roumayne Thalla (Elementary Department)
Mrs. Ladyluck Reyes (High School Department)

Guidance Office

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