Sunday, June 27, 2010

Parents' First General Assembly 2010

CDSA held its first Parents General Assembly for the school year 2010-2011 at the CDSA Gymnasium. This provided the opportunity for the parents to meet the CDSA personnel, and to know the school's mission and vision, rules and policies.

Program facilitator, Mrs. Mariden G. Tee.

Mrs. Evelyn Tabuzo conducting the "Lupang Hinirang".

Selected High School students in an intermission number.

CDSA's Principal, Mrs. Lennie A. Rodriguez.

CDSA personnel, as introduced by Fr. Buddy.

CDSA's school Director, Rev. Fr. Salvador O. Yun, explaining the school's Mission and Vision.

Elementary Guidance Counselor, Ms. Roumayne Thalla.

High School Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Ladyluck A. Reyes.

CDSA's Assistant Principal, Mrs. Criselda P. Cruz.

CDSA's Prefect of Discipline, Ms. Ma. Christina Santos.

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